Coffee & Family: The Recipe for a Happy Life

Ah… the sweet smell of coffee in the morning! As I reflect on my childhood growing up in a fiery Latino household, I can recall the smell of a big pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen each morning. I was fascinated with the smell and the taste and so my loving parents would give […]

Our Latino Family Holiday Traditions

I woke up to a loud and strangely familiar sound.   Thud…Thud…   What is that noise? I thought to myself. Is that someone at my door? COVID had certainly done a number on my receiving house guests. But could that actually be a person at my door, wanting to visit me, actually waiting to […]

Cup of Love!

Ah coffee. Yes, it is rather ubiquitous around the world. At our household, this is no different.    However, did you know that Latino populations in the US report daily consumption levels that are often 2-3X higher than other other backgrounds?   As I reflect on my childhood growing up in a fiercely Latino household, […]