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Looking for the Best coffee? At Nixie’s we don’t make any outrageous claims, BUT we do know that people love our coffee and is the main reason we started our coffee brand! Our mission is to make these amazing coffee beans available for YOU to enjoy at home, office or wherever tickles your fancy.

We believe that an amazing coffee experience goes far beyond great taste, quality, aroma, richness, freshness, place of origin, etc. What more can you expect from your cup of coffee?

At Nixie's we go beyond giving you a great cup of coffee and are focused on making a difference. As you sip and experience each drop of Nixie's Coffee, know that your purchase is making a positive impact in a community. Call it the best of both worlds. With every bag of Nixie’s coffee you buy, a portion of the proceeds goes to feed those in need.

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Rich Taste

Our Colombian roast is a single-origin coffee grown in the beautiful region of Huila, Colombia at high altitudes of 1520 to 1650 meters above sea level. The rich moderate climate & nitrogen-rich volcanic soil are ideal for an amazing sweet aroma, delicate body & a well-balanced acidity.

The Espresso roast will have you traveling the world in a single sip as it’s a unique four-origin blend of South American & Asian coffees, creating an extravagantly strong roast that you’re bound to fall in love with!


Why Us

Rich Flavor 90%
Love The Smoothness 83%
Great For The Planet 100%

Know Your Grind for the Perfect Brew


Espresso, Moka Pot/ Greca, Aeropress



Pour Over Brewers, Drip Coffee Machines

Coffee maker is ready for first coffee in the morning.

Medium Coarse




French Press, Percolator, Coffee Cupping


Extra Coarse

Cold Brew Coffee


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